Alert Posted July 16 at 5:00 AM PT

NAWS China Lake remains closed to non-essential personnel. The initial period of assessing facilities is mostly complete. All facilities that are ready to occupy have been marked with a White Tag. ONLY White Tagged buildings can be entered. Ridgecrest employees, unless you have been contacted directly, do not report to work at the China Lake site.

  • ALL ESS Ridgecrest Employees: Unless you have been personally directed to work, all ESS employees are placed on Administrative Leave and are to use their Paid Time Off (PTO) or Leave Without Pay (LWOP).
  • All Machine Shop Employees: Please charge time normally via Unanet.
  • ALL J-TECH II Ridgecrest Employees: If you work on the South Range, there is a mandatory all-hands muster for our government and contractor team at 0700 at the Low Pass Lounge Tuesday 16 July. Please be there promptly to muster and get instructions for your return to work.

Are you placed on leave and need PTO hours? Request PTO funds via our PTO Donation Request Program. Please be advised that the Saalex PTO Committee will be reviewing all PTO donations and requests, and will prioritize allocations based on the justification provided.

Want to help affected employees? Donate PTO to your affected peers via the PTO Donation Form if you have the means.

If you are an affected employee and have any questions and/or concerns, please reach out to your direct supervisor.

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