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Company Profile

Saalex Solutions, Inc. is a Engineering and Information Technology Solutions Company, with focus on Range Operations and Maintenance, Information Technology, Integrated Logistics Support, and Engineering Services for Space and Combat Weapon systems domains. Saalex's NAICS Codes are 541330, 334112, 334290, 334511, 334515, 511199, 517110, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541712, 561210. 

Saalex is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business incorporated in 1999 with the Corporate Headquarters located in Camarillo, CA and also offices located in Ridgecrest, CA, Fallon, NV and Rockledge, FL. We have work sites in San Diego, CA, Edwards AFB, CA,  and Monrovia, CA. Saalex experience spans Navy, Army, Air Force and NASA.


Our Competencies include:



Saalex has developed and deployed a premier range operations and maintenance team in a variety of environments supporting critical programs and providing mission essential services to range operations for Naval Air Warfare Centers. From range control and mission planning support, instrumentation maintenance and support, target support data collection and analysis, to security services and range residue services, we have the skill sets necessary to manage the complex and critical services required to ensure range availability, target operational readiness, data collection accuracy, and highly sensitive threat validity analysis. 




Saalex has the expertise and experience to provide the full range of Information Technology support, from maintenance of your existing IT environments, to deploying new IT resources to help you manage and operate your business more effectively and efficiently. We deploy a full team to support your IT needs; there are never gaps in service or coverage with our team approach. Saalex IT offers 24/7 support and adapts to the ever changing technological environment that our customers work in. 




Saalex works closely with its clients to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) strategies, procedures, computer tools and training required to support the acquisition, introduction, and life-cycle support to major assets such as ships, aircraft, electronic warfare and weapon systems, and expeditionary warfare equipment. The Saalex ILS approach combines an in-dept understanding of the systems' concept of operations, Systems Engineering, and Life-Cycle Material Management backed up by computer tools and IT expertise. Saalex Logisticians provide support for all ILS elements and have expertise in the entire life-cycle of an asset including the Concept Development Phase, the Acquisition Phase, the In-Service Phase, and the Disposal Phase. 




Saalex provides the full range of Engineering Support, from initial mission/requirement review, assessment and analysis, into concept development, interface control documentation through full system test and evaluation to operational fielding and training. We provide system performance analysis, information assurance technical guidance and direct support throughout the life-cycle of the systems. Saalex Systems Engineers provide engineering expertise for a wide range of systems including military and commercial space, satellite and navigational systems, and military target, weapons, and combat systems.