Data and Predictive Analytics

Saalex Solutions delivers data and predictive analytic services (DAPA) to help organizations and agencies answer business question,  maximize profitability, increase organizational functionality, and make data driven decisions.  These services provide managers with business intelligence via data models, visualizations that deliver analytic dashboards, predictive tools and, ultimately, drive actionable recommendations. These services span all areas of planning, operations and administration, including the following:

  • Human Capital
    • Staff performance
    • Workload optimization
    • Staffing analysis and projections
  • Operations
    • Supply
    • Maintenance
    • Facilities
  • Cost, Value and Utility estimations

Saalex DAPA services assist customers with utilizing their data to drive business intelligence which leads to data driven decision making. Our services are designed to rapidly assist you by modeling and highlighting the most critical relationships affecting day-to-day and future business decisions. Using SAP Cloud Analytics and our analytics group process approach, Saalex DAPA will assist you in identifying current business challenges and specifying the data necessary to overcome these challenges, model pertinent analytical relationships and present the results to facilitate decision-making. Saalex DAPA services will allow you optimize alternative investment, management and deployment strategies.


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