Range Operations and Management

Saalex provides day-to-day operations management for Department of Defense Test Ranges, which includes: 

You may download a copy of our Capabilities Brochure here

Saalex is at the cutting edge of proving our range services for Combat Training and Test Evaluation customers. Our range experience encompasses: 

  • Range Communications: Satellite, HF, VHF
  • Radar, Infrared and Electro Opticcs
  • Fixed and Mobile Telemetry Operations and Maintenance
  • Command Destruct Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Target Control Systems Metrology Services and Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Instrumentation Operations and Maintenance
  • Data Collection, Processing and Display Support
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Planning
  • Range Resources Planning and Scheduling
  • Range Clearance/EOD Support
  • Target Maintenance and Repair
  • Threat Validation Analysis
  • Physical Security Emergency Dispatching
  • Range Safety and Air/Sea Surveillance
  • Post-Test Processing and Mission Analysis