Saalex Corporation is the parent company of two operating divisions providing engineering and information technology (IT) services for the Department of Defense; State, County, Municipal (SCM) markets; small-to-medium businesses (SMBs); and non-profit organizations. Saalex Solutions, the Federal services division, provides core competencies in the areas of test range operations and management, engineering and logistics services, cybersecurity, and IT services. The commercial IT division, Valeo Networks, is a full-service Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, compliance, cloud, network infrastructure, and managed IT services. Apply today to be part of our inclusive, growth-oriented group!


Test Operations Support Services (TOSS) at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division

Saalex provides technical services related to logistics, test support, and test operations to the Expeditionary Systems Evaluation Division (ESED), Range Systems Engineering Department (RS40), Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division, Detachment Fallbrook. These services are in support of a wide variety of systems, which include ESED's main focus areas such as Munitions, Weapons, Sensors and Communications, Mobility Platforms, and Systems Integration utilized by the Expeditionary and Special Warfare community.

Engineering Support Services

Saalex provides engineering and subject matter expertise across many different weapons systems. ESS offers the Government an infrastructure that fosters a unified collaborative approach for integrating engineering and management specialists across traditionally segregated phases of the acquisition life cycle – starting with concept refinement, encompassing new technologies in current or existing systems, development, demonstration, production, field deployment, and sustainment of weapons systems.

Engineering and Technical Services and Support (ETSS) at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division

Saalex supports research and development of new systems, subsystems, equipment, and components related to the enterprise of Governmental innovation to the Expeditionary Systems Evaluation Division (ESED), Range Systems Engineering Department (RS40), Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC),Corona Division, Detachment Fallbrook. This support includes the research of methods, new equipment, tools, products, procedures, and techniques to advance capability and capacity in test and evaluation or facilitate future product development.

Ordnance Logistics Support Services (OLSS) at NAVSUP FLC San Diego, Code 200

Saalex Solutions was awarded the SeaPort Ordnance Logistics Support Services (OLSS) contract by the U.S. Navy, valued at $5.7 million over five years. The work supports the Navy Munitions Command Pacific CONUS West Division (NMCPAC CWD). Saalex provides technical and supports services at Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Seal Beach and NWS Fallbrook for the NMCPAC CWD mission of Fleet Ordnance Support (FOS).

Saalex’s contract services include administrative and inventory support, truck driving and heavy equipment operations, key custodianship, and magazine access for NMCPAC CWD, USB, and DET FB. Support specific to the Surface Launched Missiles (SLM) Division at USB includes support of the Standard Missile, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM), Tomahawk Missile, and Vertical Launch systems material coordination, movement, and tracking. Support specific to the Air Launched Missiles (ALM) Division includes support of the Navy Sidewinder, Maverick, Hellfire, and Air Force Maverick material coordination, movement, and tracking.