China Lake Land Range Complex

Saalex works in a realistic land/air operational environment: 17,000 square miles of restricted airspace. Saalex supports test operations and range control on a north and south range, the former having five separate test and evaluation (T&E) and bombing and gunnery training ranges. We have extensive experience in instrumentation, data processing, display systems, air, sea and ARM targets, ordnance storage, handling and assembly facilities, range safety and security, environmental support, aircraft support, and fleet training ranges. 

North Range: 

  • Coso Range
  • Airport Lake Range
  • Baker Range
  • Charlie Range 
  • Junction Ranch

South Range: 

  • Electronic Combat Range
  • Etcheron Valley Radar Cross-Section Measurement Facility
  • Propulsion/Warhead/Environmental Test Range
  • Supersonic Naval Ordnance Research Track (SNORT)
  • Joint Counter Improvised Explosive Device Facility