NAS Fallon Weapons Impact Scoring System

In support of B&G Operations at the Naval Air Station, Fallon, NV Bombing Range and the Fallon Tactical Training Ranges B17, B19, B16, and B20, Saalex provided trained Weapon Impact Scoring personnel to operate six Weapon Impact Scoring Systems (WISS), two Remote Strafe Scoring Systems (RSSS) instrumentation consoles, and communication radios to provide timely and accurate scoring feedback information to aircrews operating on instrumented Fallon Bombing Ranges to support Daily Range Schedule (DRS) requirements. 

Saalex transmited impact scores to the aircrews in real time using ground-to-air radio communications, email, fax, or other means for debriefing purposes as requested by the aircrews.

Saalex provided scoring reports for applicable systems in the Graphical Post-flight Report Generation System. Saalex also entered Fallon Tactical Training Range (FTTR) utilization data into the Range Information Management System (RIMS), a government-provided utilization database.