Range Operations Contract II

Saalex was the sub-contractor to LJT on the ROC I contract and provided range operations support for National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Wallops Island, VA. Saalex worked on various types of fixed and mobile electronic command and control equipment and related devices by performing one or a combination of the following: operating, installing, maintaining, repairing, overhauling, troubleshooting, modifying, construction and testing. We also operated and maintained various types of telemetry equipment including parabolic antennas, RF receivers, demodulators, digital bit synchronizers, analog and digital recording devices and ancillary interfaces.

Tasks executed under the ROC I contract included:

  • Fixed and mobile electronic command and control equipment and related devices
  • Equipment calibration and operation
  • Validation, troubleshooting, and configuration of various data collection systems
  • Engineering drawings and specifications of various electronic and computerized instrumentation systems
  • Range Systems Operations and maintenance (O&M): data transmission systems, acquisition systems, timing systems, special computer systems and display systems
  • Mobile and down range stations coordination
  • Range surveillance computer target input
  • Range operations daily schedule preparation and user notification
  • Range Control Center Telemetry equipment O&M
  • Electronic soldering and cable assembly
  • Fault isolation and systems maintenance
  • Schematics and system drawings interpretation
  • Test equipment: oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, power meters and signal generators
  • Logs and preventative maintenance schedules maintenance; corrective maintenance